Moving a two-ton elephant looks absolutely crazy

A small group of elephants who had been displaced have been butting heads with local villagers in a village in Daloa in the Ivorty Coast. The elephants have damaged crops, ruined homes, injured people and so forth. The villagers wanted to kill the elephants. Luckily for everyone though, the International Fund for… » 4/27/15 9:38am 4/27/15 9:38am

This is how they remove crashed airplanes off an aircraft carrier deck

A cool photo of a crash crane lifting a damaged Harrier jet off the deck of the US Navy's amphibious assault ship USS Kearsarge. The crash and salvage team regularly practice this kind of operations in case of an airplane crash. That crane is surprisingly huge—just look at the guy in the cabin and the airplane itself. » 7/29/14 9:05pm 7/29/14 9:05pm

Japanese Robo Crane Game Takes It Up a Notch

If you're looking for another reason why Japan looks upon us like we look upon third world countries, take crane games. We have a robotic crane we control with a joystick, but Japan has a robotic ROBOT that they control with buttons. Players move the robot around to collect one of many cute dolls—one of which is a… » 8/16/07 4:30pm 8/16/07 4:30pm

Afghanistan Rescue Robot Hauls Suitcases, Drags Ass

I encountered this Star Wars reject at the RoboBusiness 2007 conference in Boston this week. Not only can this crane-happy robot diffuse bombs, hold a fire hose, and give injections, it will also drag your ass six ways from Sunday across the craggy desert—usually to safety, though in my case it was at high velocity… » 5/17/07 5:10pm 5/17/07 5:10pm