Moron Kid Gets Trapped Inside a Crane Game, Still Doesn't Get a Prize

I'm pretty sure when I was young, kids this dumb were sent out into the wild and only allowed back into society after they'd done battle with rabid wolves and survived, to ensure accordance with Darwin's law. Anyways, look kid, the crappy, Chinese-made stuffed toys inside, they're not actually worth it-not the… » 4/17/08 7:30pm 4/17/08 7:30pm

Japanese Robo Crane Game Takes It Up a Notch

If you're looking for another reason why Japan looks upon us like we look upon third world countries, take crane games. We have a robotic crane we control with a joystick, but Japan has a robotic ROBOT that they control with buttons. Players move the robot around to collect one of many cute dolls—one of which is a… » 8/16/07 4:30pm 8/16/07 4:30pm