Backyards Scream "Classy!" With StereoStone Birdbath Fountain Speaker

Sorry, but I just can't believe anyone's going to buy this. Not only does it just look ridiculous, with its faux stone carving topped with a leafy pineapple, and its two submerged halogen lights. (Why not four lights, or a whole ring of them? I mean, if you're going cheesy, go all the way.) On the good side, it does… »3/21/08 5:00pm3/21/08 5:00pm

iPod May Shuffle You From Rolling Stone to Roadkill, Australian Ad Says

A new ad in Australia highlights the dangers of crossing the road with your MP3 player rumbling your inner ear canal at full volume. And of course, it shows the iPod in a new twist of Apple's original silhouettes campaign, now using the headphones cable as a way to draw the place in which a body lies dead. Ah, nothing… »1/09/08 9:15am1/09/08 9:15am