Portable Guitar Amp Features USB Output For Easy Recording

Crate announced a new portable guitar amp that has a USB outlet for direct computer recording. The Crate Profiler 5 seems useful for those who want to quickly record a riff without taking the time (or spending the money) to hook up a mixer or interface box. The 5 watt amp features digital effects processing and can… »8/03/07 9:11pm8/03/07 9:11pm


Komfort Pets Climate Controlled Crate Keeps K9 Cool (or Warm)

Dogs and cats everywhere rejoice! No longer will you be relegated to sit and bake in the backseat of the car. Instead, the Komfort Pets Carrier automatically will cool you off once your crate breaks 72 degrees. Conversely, if it goes below 65 degrees, on goes the heat to keep you from turning into a pup-sicle. Keeping… »7/30/07 4:30pm7/30/07 4:30pm