IBM Roadrunner Tops Cray as the Official World's Fastest Supercomputer

It's like a geek soap opera. Just last week, Cray bragged that their updated Jaguar XT »11/17/08 11:45am11/17/08 11:45am supercomputer was the world's fastest. Now this week, IBM responds to the trash talk with a number one ranking of their Roadrunner system on the newly published Top500 supercomputing list.Both the IBM and Cray systems break the…

Hands On Cray CX1 Windows Supercomputer: One Day, It'll Make Crysis Cry

Cray's CX1 supercomputer »9/22/08 11:30am9/22/08 11:30am looks oddly petite in its , but we checked it out in person today, and it's actually like a small sarcophagus loaded with computer guts instead of actual guts. Unfortunately, it's still fairly early in the getting-going phase, so they don't have a lot of software running for it, much less…

Cray's First Windows-Based Supercomputer Puts a 64-Core Datacenter On Your Desk

Why should UNIX nerds (God love 'em) have all the fun? Cray and Microsoft announced today a partnership to produce the CX1, a $60,000 (on the top end) supercomputer that runs the forthcoming Windows HPC Server 2008-MS's answer to the high-performance *nix server systems run by most heavy servers. So now you can crunch… »9/16/08 12:00pm9/16/08 12:00pm