The Sketch Wizard Tracer Turns Anyone Into a Photocopier

It's been said that while good artists copy, great artists steal. But what about those lacking any artistic talent at all? They trace, and their copied creations will be all the more authentic with Crayola's new Sketch Wizard contraption that lets anyone reproduce sketches of other pictures, or even 3D models. » 3/06/14 1:40pm 3/06/14 1:40pm

A Coloring Book That Puts Kid-Designed Fashions On a Virtual Catwalk

Right Said Fred knew the appeal of the catwalk, and now kids can get in on the glitz and glamor with this new coloring book from Crayola that lets them design custom clothes and then see their creations virtually modeled. And it goes without saying that an iOS tablet or smartphone is required, but not included. » 3/05/14 3:40pm 3/05/14 3:40pm

Design the Perfect Shade With Crayola's Make Your Own Marker Kit

Remember when you were a kid and you'd bug your parents for bigger and bigger marker sets so you could get exactly the shades you wanted? It turns out that's not an issue for today's kids. As long as they can convince their parents to cough up $25 (although $40 at Amazon) for Crayola's miniature marker factory, they… » 7/17/13 1:20pm 7/17/13 1:20pm

Griffin's Glowing iPad Stylus Lets Kids Draw Without Banging Up the…

Children are drawn to the iPad like flies to honey, but children are also notoriously bad at taking care of their toys. And if the thought of a young'n bashing away at your tablet's display with a pen leaves you anxious, Griffin's got you covered with a glowing stylus that lets them draw in mid-air. » 1/06/13 11:26am 1/06/13 11:26am

The Funnest and Most Kiddy-Friendly iPad Stylus Of All Is Now On Sale

As Griffin says, there are heaps of coloring-in apps for the iPad, but only one has had the official thumb's up from Crayola. Griffin's own Crayola ColorStudio HD, natch. After its CES debut the app-and-stylus combo has finally gone on sale, for $30. [Griffin via Cnet] » 7/07/11 4:00am 7/07/11 4:00am

Crayola EZ Type Keyboard: When Normal Keyboards Are Just Too Confusing

There are only four acceptable reasons I can think of for buying this $30 dollar Crayola EZ Type keyboard: 1) You're a little slow. 2) You're under the age of five (and still maybe a little slow). 3) You have a kid under the age of five (and you're both a little slow). 4) You really, reeeeally hate the offset alignment … » 8/26/08 9:06pm 8/26/08 9:06pm

Crayola Releases EZ Grip Digital Camera For Budding Upskirtists

Get your child started early on his hobby with the Crayola EZ Grip Camera, a camera that has grips on either side for EZ gripping. Much better than a normal camera, this EZ cam comes with proprietary software with a "write a story" template to create storyboards out of pics your kids shoot, printable frames, and finger… » 9/25/07 1:44pm 9/25/07 1:44pm