Supermarket Killer Asked for a Huge Knife Before Beheading

Deyan Deyanov, the Bulgarian man who attacked and beheaded a British woman on Tenerife last week for no apparent reason, had walked into another supermarket a half hour before the attack and asked for a large knife, according to the Telegraph. He was caught on CCTV (above) gesturing how big the knife (sword?) should… »5/16/11 8:20am5/16/11 8:20am


Alien-Taping Jeff Peckman Also Has a Metatron Personal Harmonizer to Sell You

It turns out, preparing for the imminent alien invasion is only part of Jeff Peckman's craziness. He also creates and peddles "Metatron Harmonizers," little snakeoil gadgets designed to "transform the chaotic electromagnetic fields into life-supporting fields that are in harmony with the natural fields created by the… »5/29/08 6:00pm5/29/08 6:00pm