Glitch Drops Google Stock Price $200 in Four Minutes, Wiping Out $62 Billion

At probably like the worst time ever for your stock to plummet harder than a meteor on a collision course with Bruce Willis, a glitch knocked $200 off of Google's stock price—that's half—in the span of four minutes as the markets were closing today. $62 billion. Erased. In four minutes. The glitch has been fixed,… »9/30/08 7:40pm9/30/08 7:40pm

Video of Real, Live Aliens to Be Shown to Press Tomorrow by This Totally Sane Guy

Apparently, a video showing real, live space aliens will be shown to the media on Friday by totally not-crazy Jeff Peckman. The Denver resident is pushing to create an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission to deal with interacting with the interstellar visitors that he claims are all over the place. Think the video… »5/29/08 11:40am5/29/08 11:40am