Cult-itecture: The Compounds Of Reclusive Communities

Waco, Texas, the Divine Lorraine, and Jonestown were radically different, yet each existed within a similar American terrain—rapidly globalizing, urbanizing, and increasingly fearful. Made from material odds and ends, their leaders sought sites that were neither here nor there: an abandoned hotel, an unused ranch, a… »8/26/13 6:19pm8/26/13 6:19pm

A Man Pushed His Wife Off a Cliff, Possibly Because She Discovered His Online Affair

Charles Black, the man pictured above, is being accused of smashing his wife's head with a rock, dragging her to a cliff and then throwing her over that cliff. Amazingly, she's still alive. The police are saying that Black's motives may be because his wife, Lisa, discovered that Black was having an online affair with… »4/22/11 12:00am4/22/11 12:00am

That NYU Professor With a Camera Surgically Attached to His Head? Yeah, His Body's Rejecting It

I'll tell you this much: Waffa Bilal, the dude who attached a camera to the back of his head, is pretty dedicated to this ridiculous art project of his. Surgeons recently needed to remove some pieces in his head because his body rejected one of the three titanium posts implanted there. He's still planning on… »2/09/11 8:40am2/09/11 8:40am