Adobe's Interactive Wall Is Like Minority Report Future Sans Apple and…

Click to viewSee Adobe's interactive wall, featured in the New York Times and in fact on Giz, fewer than 24 hours ago. See nerds trying to get exercise they wouldn't otherwise dream of, in the hopes of triggering one of Adobe's—what was that, infrared?—motion sensors. Enjoy the man-on-the-street critiques of this… » 7/14/07 1:07am 7/14/07 1:07am

Adobe Pimps Creative Suite 3 With Interactive Wall in Union Square

Adobe is shilling for its Creative Suite 3 with a 7x15 ft. interactive wall outside of the Virgin Megastore in Union Square that debuts this morning. The display grants the closest passerby control of a slider button on the bottom that manipulates what's projected based on their walking speed and direction, producing… » 7/13/07 7:00am 7/13/07 7:00am