Creative Patent Looks Like an Internet Tablet, Digital Camera and More!

This newly discovered patent by Creative, whether actually in production or not, looks like a pretty neat device. Because from what we can make out from the diagrams, it appears to be much more than just a another media player. Internet tablet seems to make sense, with that right oval on the side being a logical (OK,… »9/11/08 3:00pm9/11/08 3:00pm

Dealzmodo: Refurbed 30GB Creative Zen Vision: M for $100, 8GB Zen Micro for $70

They're refurbs, which makes the deal less shiny than the crapload of cheap Zune 30s, but they come with decent warranties so don't let it put you off. The 30GB Creative Zen Vision:M is $100, which ain't too shabby dealwise. But the better one is the 8GB Creative Zen Micro for only $70—a good deal for a small player… »11/30/07 3:35pm11/30/07 3:35pm