Creative ZEN M300: A Non-iPod Nano

Secretly want an iPod nano, but loathe Apple/iTunes/iPods/yourself? Creative's ZEN M300 is like a slightly jumbo-er nano—but it plays video, has a microSD card slot, is Bluetooth-y and doesn't force you to use a thumbnail-sized touchscreen. » 5/06/11 6:20pm 5/06/11 6:20pm

Creative Patent Looks Like an Internet Tablet, Digital Camera and More!

This newly discovered patent by Creative, whether actually in production or not, looks like a pretty neat device. Because from what we can make out from the diagrams, it appears to be much more than just a another media player. Internet tablet seems to make sense, with that right oval on the side being a logical (OK,… » 9/11/08 3:00pm 9/11/08 3:00pm

Apple Is So Creative

One of the things I was really blown away by yesterday » 9/10/08 10:00pm 9/10/08 10:00pm was the in the new iPod rainbow. I don't think I've ever seen that many hues of an MP3 Player. Where did they get them all?? Apple was the first one to bring out around five colors (the 2G nano), but Creative then followed up with what you see above. Lots. More…

Creative Zen Getting Bubblegum Pink Makeover

Looks like the Zune isn't the only PMP to be getting a color makeover, Creative's Zen is in on it too. The new model was spotted at Wal Mart, where it is retailing at $69.99 for a 2GB unit, with no other capacities listed. As far as we can tell, the pink Zen is ready for immediate shipping, despite the fact it is not… » 4/27/08 11:30pm 4/27/08 11:30pm

32GB Creative Zen Available Now, Really?

A few weeks ago Creative confirmed that the 32GB Zen was coming, but sadly would not see the light of day till the second quarter of 2008. Well, it appears that Creative's US site is showing the 32GB Zen in stock and available for shipment. For some reason the Zen product page doesn't show the 32GB model in stock when… » 12/18/07 9:46pm 12/18/07 9:46pm

Dealzmodo: Refurbed 30GB Creative Zen Vision: M for $100, 8GB Zen Micro…

They're refurbs, which makes the deal less shiny than the crapload of cheap Zune 30s, but they come with decent warranties so don't let it put you off. The 30GB Creative Zen Vision:M is $100, which ain't too shabby dealwise. But the better one is the 8GB Creative Zen Micro for only $70—a good deal for a small player… » 11/30/07 3:35pm 11/30/07 3:35pm

Creative Confirms that its Zen is Coming with 32GB Flash Memory

Last week we showed that Creative was upping the memory of its Zen to 32GB — well, now it's official. According to the British version of Crave, the powers that be are still being cagey about the launch, but they did say this: » 11/30/07 8:20am 11/30/07 8:20am

Creative Introduces Teeny Tiny Zen Stone

Over the weekend, we teased you with a rumor that had been floating around, that Creative would introduce a tiny, flash-based audio player for under $50. Well, it happened, and it's actually under $40. (I mean "under" in the TV-announcer sense of the word.) » 5/03/07 7:00am 5/03/07 7:00am

If you store music in folders (by artist or genre),…

Valentine's Day Edition Creative Zen Neeon 2

For all the Japanese romantics out there, check out the Creative Zen Neeon 2 Valentine's Day edition. Nothing will charm your sweetheart more than your personalized greeting coupled with one of their six different designs. You can choose from the 2 GB and 4 GB model. Instead of the boring "To Yujiro from Miki" why… » 1/25/07 12:48pm 1/25/07 12:48pm

One Second Update: Creative Zen W Porno Shot

We're intrigued by the Creative Zen W. The displays on Creative's PMPs are usually tops, so we've been hunting for a nice closeup shot of the 4.3-inch widescreen on the any-format-eating player. Here's one for you, courtesy of some blog I closed the window on prematurely. Whoops! And here's a link to what we know of… » 9/05/06 3:12pm 9/05/06 3:12pm