How to Equip Your Dreamliner (Including 23" Displays for First Class Seats)

Probably trying to polish its current poor image, Boeing invited Fortune Magazine to get an inside look into the Dreamliner factory, secret orgy quarters, and the showroom, in which—after spending $150 million on an empty aircraft—you have to pick the seats, including their A/V entertainment equipment (like whopping… »4/26/08 11:00am4/26/08 11:00am


Dreamliner's Secret Crew Quarters Should be Called Orgy Room

Here's one of Boeing Dreamliner's most closely guarded secrets: the Orgy Room. Boeing likes to call it "the Crew Quarters" but, come on, what images does this cozy compartment, hidden in the top of the composite fuselage bring to mind? Here's a hint: it has six tightly packed beds for flight attendants, who use them… »4/24/08 9:10am4/24/08 9:10am