How Much Does a Wiretap Go For These Days?

For years, the government and phone carriers have been squabbling over secret surveillance—because of the dollar amount on the bill. Most recently, AT&T's thrifty little offshoot Cricket Communications has agreed to pay out $2.1 million in a settlement for overcharging federal and state law enforcement agencies for… » 12/03/14 12:40pm 12/03/14 12:40pm

Cell Provider Cricket Will Include Unlimited Music Downloads in Future Service Plans

Cricket is a relatively small cellular service provider who hawk cheapish phones to customers without the hassle of contracts. Now they're including a subscription-based music download service in their multimedia-centric plan, dubbed Muve. And it's even backed by the major labels. » 12/22/10 12:40am 12/22/10 12:40am

Twendy-One Has Man-Crushing Arms But a Featherlight Touch

Five feet tall, weighing in at 245 pounds, Twendy-One is all sensors and cybernetic muscle. Mechanical engineers at Waseda University in Japan developed the talking humanoid helper robot to be capable of lifting a handicapped person out of bed, but also handling a piece of toast or a straw without flattening them. The… » 11/27/07 4:49pm 11/27/07 4:49pm

Microsoft to Develop Cricket Umpiring Technologies

A bat is a bat, even if it flat, right? Microsoft seems to think so. Cricket officials have been receiving criticism from the International Cricket Council because the Indian umpires weren't too keen on international standards. This is where Microsoft steps in. Talks have began with Microsoft to develop a system that… » 7/17/06 2:44pm 7/17/06 2:44pm