Talent Show Kit Lends Some Old-Tech Chic to Your Karaoke Warblings

I'll admit it, some karaoke singers are worth listening to—from a distance—but even then my inner sound-technician always cries at their awkward mike-handling: and that's where this freestanding microphone would be great. The Crosley CR25 Talent Show Kit may even add a little old-time radio show class to karaoke with… »3/14/08 5:56am3/14/08 5:56am

USB Turntable Disguised As Suitcase For No Other Reason Except That It Can

At its core, the Crosley Keepsake is a pretty straightforward USB turntable, playing at speeds of 33/45/78 RPM and connecting to your computer via USB. But the fact that it's in a suitcase-esque shell is a bit different from the norm and would liven up any fortress of gadgets. It's currently selling online for… »11/10/07 4:10pm11/10/07 4:10pm