Don't Get Caught Up in the Steve Young Football Crossfire

Just after we had finally stopped giggling at iBuddy, Steve Young Football doubled back with their second spot-on parody ad: Crossfire! If you really want your mind to be blown watch it and the original at the same time. [SteveYoungFootball] » 9/10/10 4:00pm 9/10/10 4:00pm

HYDRA System Lets "Vastly Different" Video Cards Work, Play Together

Lucid's HYDRA GPU pairing technology could soon allow PC builders to incorporate multiple video cards that - hear this, ATI and Nvidia - don't have to be identical. What this potentially means, among other things, is that gamers could leverage old hardware instead of just sadly setting it aside, though paired cards… » 8/19/08 9:15pm 8/19/08 9:15pm

Dell Ditching Proprietary Parts

One of the best arguments for building your own PCs is that you make the decisions regarding parts, which means you don't have to scrap the whole system or buy sub-standard hardware from the manufacturer when it is time to upgrade. This is especially true for gaming rigs. Dell, one of the biggest offenders when it… » 2/26/08 6:15pm 2/26/08 6:15pm

Shuttle SXDi: Water-cooled PC with CrossFire and Flames

This is the new Shuttle SDXi and although it's a variation of the XPC, it's also one BMF. It comes loaded for speed with a 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo E6600, 2 GBytes Crucial Ballistix RAM and a 10.000rpm Western Digital Raptor hard drive. But more importantly, the painted flames on the sides are guaranteed to make it run… » 4/11/07 4:19am 4/11/07 4:19am

ATI's Radeon X2800XT Brings Heavy Horsepower to Apple's Next Gen Mac Pros

So if the guys at AppleInsider are on the money, ATI's abnormally long X2800XT could be the graphics card to power Apple's rumored next gen Mac Pros. The red giant will feature 1GB of GDDR4 memory clocked at 2GHz while the card's core will come in at 800MHz. Basically that means it has the potential to eat Nvidia's… » 2/22/07 10:20am 2/22/07 10:20am