The Crossbow Machete: The Most Badass Way To Accidentally Kill a Family Member

If you happen across a giant bald man of some vague Eastern European provenance wearing a blue ESPRIT t-shirt, do not provoke him. Because chances are he is carrying on his person the most ridiculous weapon of the modern age: the crossbow machete. Don't try this at home, or outside, or anywhere, ever. [Geekologie] »3/30/11 9:00am3/30/11 9:00am

Future LG Phones To Run Windows Mobile 6, Prada Included?

Microsoft and LG agreed to a deal that will put Windows Mobile 6, aka Crossbow, onto future LG smartphones. Could this include the upcoming LG Prada phone? Well, considering that we've already seen the Prada's UI in action (narrated by Super Mario himself), maybe not, but the BusinessWeek says that WiMo6 will power LG… »2/09/07 10:44am2/09/07 10:44am