For $10,000 This Company Will Turn Your Audi Into An Autonomous Car

If you're unwilling to wait for Google or an automaker to bring an autonomous vehicle to market, Cruise will sell you the privilege for $10,000. The start-up says it can retrofit your ride with cameras, sensors, and computers to enable semi-autonomous driving. But it's only for Audis and it's not fully baked. »6/23/14 2:23pm6/23/14 2:23pm


The Carnival Cruise From Hell Refuses to End as the Passengers' Bus Home Breaks Down

If you thought things couldn't get any worse for the unsuspecting participants in Carnival Cruise's new Lord of the Flies at sea program, you've underestimated the excessively vengeful god they've angered. Just as they were finally on their way home and ready to start their lives over, the ex-hostages found… »2/15/13 10:35am2/15/13 10:35am

This Terrible Thief Used a Stolen iPhone to Take Pictures That Synced Back to the Owner's Computer

That's Nelson above. That's Nelson partying. That's Nelson with his girlfriend. All those pictures were taken with an iPhone he stole. Pictures that were sent back to the phone's original owner, Katy McCaffrey, through Photostream. McCaffrey posted a hilarious Facebook photo album detailing Nelson's various adventures… »5/25/12 5:40pm5/25/12 5:40pm

Making a Stretch Cruise Ship Is Tougher than It Looks

Today's mega-sized cruise liners are more akin to a floating city block than they are to any boat that harnessed the wind.
And when they're sufficiently gigantic, these ships aren't even built in one piece—they're welded together from enormous prefab sections. Our friends at Oobject have 12 of the most impressive… »4/06/12 9:00pm4/06/12 9:00pm

World's Largest Cruise Ship Probably Leaves Tsunamis in Its Wake

Only five Solstice-class cruise ships will be produced, and the first one (aptly named Solstice) has just left port for the sea. Weighing approximately 134,000 tons, the Solstice is over 1,000 feet long and can hold 4,350 people (or about 3,000 paying customers). It's also among the first boats of its kind to have a… »9/29/08 11:00am9/29/08 11:00am