The fastest cruise missile in the world launching underwater

This is the first underwater launch of the BrahMos, the world's fastest cruise missile in operation capable of flying at Mach 3.0. I just like to see it pausing and changing direction in mid-air, like a scene from Robotech. The BrahMos is one of the reasons why aircraft carriers are obsolete. » 7/24/14 4:10pm 7/24/14 4:10pm

This Flying Bomb Failure Was America's WWI Cruise Missile

In 1915, nearly two decades after patenting the world's first radio-controlled boat, famed Serbian-America inventor Nicola Tesla imagined fleets of unmanned aerial combat vehicles being sent to war instead of pilots. Little did he know, the US Navy was already hard at work on that very same vision. » 9/04/13 12:00pm 9/04/13 12:00pm