Cruise ships dump a billion gallons of sewage in the ocean every year

Cruise ships are not the most environmentally friendly vacation destinations on the planet. In fact, according to the latest Cruise Ship Report Card by Friends of the Earth, they might be about the worst. These floating resorts dump over a billion gallons of sewage into the open ocean every year. In a sense, every… » 12/09/14 12:04pm 12/09/14 12:04pm

The World's Most Futuristic Cruise Ship Made Me Miss the Past

I woke up in a strange place. The bed felt plush, and when I rolled over onto my side, there was water, an ocean full of it. I felt slightly sick. I'd just spent my first night on the world's most advanced cruise ship, but a billion dollars worth of technology is no match for the Atlantic Ocean. » 11/18/14 12:00pm 11/18/14 12:00pm

This Floating Barge City Is the Most Far-Flung Immigration Solution Yet

Immigration reform is a huge issue in Silicon Valley (and the rest of the country) right now, and we've seen a bevy of realistic proposals for dealing with a system that many describe as "broken." But Blueseed, a group of entrepreneurs aiming to build a floating city off the coast of San Francisco to house foreign… » 4/18/13 3:20pm 4/18/13 3:20pm

How Carnival Is Upgrading Its Fleet to Not Be Floating Shit Barges

Carnival has had a pretty crappy couple of months after fires and massive systems failures in two of its ships turned things into scenes from Lord of the Flies. So the cruise company has planned a $300 million upgrade for its 24-ship fleet to make sure it's prepared for the worst. Here are the highlights. » 4/17/13 2:26pm 4/17/13 2:26pm

World's Largest Cruise Ship Let the Suburbs Travel With You

Royal Caribbean's new boat is big. Really big. The "Project Genesis" cruise liner, currently being constructed, will be 43% larger than the Queen Mary II, currently the world's largest ship. 1,180 feet long and weighing 220,000 tons, it'll be able to carry more people from New Jersey down to the Caribbean than any… » 6/20/08 12:30pm 6/20/08 12:30pm

Norwegian Cruise Line Stockpiling its Ships with Nintendo Wiis

Forget the midnight buffet, the next time you're on a Norwegian Cruise head to the atrium and burn off those shrimp cocktails with a little Wii tournament. The folks at Norwegian Cruise Lines are loading up their ships with Wii consoles so that vacationers will be able to play against one another on big-screen TVs.… » 3/30/07 8:31pm 3/30/07 8:31pm