The Best Camera Bag Is One You Put Together Yourself

Out of all the camera bags I have either used or considered- none were comfortable and functional together. To hope for a the one bag you find to be stylish as well would be flat out impossible. Most companies try and sell a camera bag as a box with shoulder straps on it. Camera bags are designed by camera people,… »7/18/14 11:04am7/18/14 11:04am


Crumpler Cut of Horror Bag: A Terrifying Amount of Storage Space

The days of carrying your cell phone in its own suitcase are over. As our gadgets continue to shrink (most of them, at least), the modern mobile workforce has little need for the oversized backpacks and messenger bags of the 2000's. Especially not when you can pack an entire office worth of gear into Crumpler's… »6/06/13 1:40pm6/06/13 1:40pm