JooJoo Tablet Gets New Home Screen and Controls

Though the shipping date for JooJoo, the underdog tablet, was recently pushed back to March 25, Fusion Garage isn't letting that time go to waste. They've overhauled the JooJoo's interface, expanded local video playback, and given its backplate a makeover. » 3/11/10 1:33pm 3/11/10 1:33pm

JooJoo Tablet Strikes Back: A Web App Store and Full Production Is…

After the iPad was announced for $499, (a few) people asked, "What about JooJoo?" the first $499 web tablet, formerly known as CrunchPad. Well, it's on. JooJoo's now in full production, and plans to open a web app store. » 2/03/10 7:07pm 2/03/10 7:07pm

The Crunchpad/JooJoo Lawsuit Has Been Filed: Preorders Are Officially…

After Fusion Garage left Michael Arrington and his Crunchpad standing at the altar, sad a dejected, only to go to a different wedding with some hussy named JooJoo, one thing seemed obvious: Somone was going to get sued, and soon. And that's exactly what's happened. And with INTERSERVE doing business as TECHCRUNCH and… » 12/11/09 9:59am 12/11/09 9:59am

Fusion Garage JooJoo Tablet Hands-On

From the webcast yesterday, the JooJoo (previously named Crunchpad) seemed flimsy and barely working. But now that we spent a good deal of hands on time with it, we can say that Fusion Garage executed an internet tablet quite well. » 12/08/09 11:49am 12/08/09 11:49am

CrunchPad Breaks Cover at Media Event Next Monday

The CrunchPad would've been an easy-to-use Web tablet, but the strange saga of its 11th-hour demise will be anything but simple. Chandra Rathakrishnan—CEO of the CrunchPad's problem partner—will demo the tablet, and explain his side of the story. » 12/04/09 6:36am 12/04/09 6:36am

Crunchpad Lives, and So Does the Ambiguous Price Tag: $300 to $400

Last we looked in on Michael Arrington's ballyhooed Crunchpad, the little guy wasn't doing so well. Wrong! Well, wrong according to Michael Arrington, anyway. Nevertheless there are assurances today that the tablet is on track and still very much alive. » 11/15/09 11:00am 11/15/09 11:00am

iRiver Plans Web Tablet, E-Book Reader, Android iPod Killer?

Put this one strictly in the rumor basket, but if the apparently loose-lipped product manager at iRiver's Australian distributor is to be believed, the Korean company has the iPod Touch, Amazon Kindle, and even Arrington's CrunchPad firmly in its sights. » 8/03/09 6:50am 8/03/09 6:50am

Fusion Garage: Crunchpad's Coming in November. Arrington: SHUT UP, YOU…

What happens when a professional leakster gets his business leaked? He gets extremely, adorably "ripshit" mad, apparently. Singapore's Straits Times reports Arringon's Crunchpad web tablet is coming in November, citing the device's hardware designers. Is it true, Mike? (UPDATED) » 7/31/09 8:16am 7/31/09 8:16am

CrunchPad Web Tablet Landing "As Soon As Possible" for Less Than $300

Mike Arrington's CrunchPad web tablet, already several prototypes in, is quickly bubbling to reality reports Bits: There's going to be an announcement in July or August, and it'll be available "as soon as possible." » 7/04/09 6:30pm 7/04/09 6:30pm