DARPA's Crusher Drives Itself, Laughs at Your Puny "Traffic"

Picture, if you will, the self-driving Prius that Google invented—quiet, safe, sedate, room for five. Now imagine the exact, polar opposite—a six-wheeled, self-navigating robo-truck built for off-roading and ramming, a .50-cal machine gun on its roof, and room for zero. That's the Crusher. » 3/13/12 11:30am 3/13/12 11:30am

CrushBox Destroys the Evidence that You May Want to Hide

Last week, Adam set about crushing unwanted gadgets with such glee that I think our Japanese brethren have found the perfect present for him at CEATEC. The CrushBox will pulverize everything from cards, cellphones, CD/DVD to videotape (are you listening Paris, Meg, Eva, Pamela?)—in short, anything gadget-y or tech-y… » 10/02/07 6:11am 10/02/07 6:11am