SanDisk Cruzer Titanium Plus Backs Up Its Contents Online

The SanDisk Cruzer Titanium Plus is more than just an ordinary USB drive—it forces you to be responsible by backing up everything you place on it in a secure location far away from that maelstrom you call everyday life. So stick 4GB on board this $60 pocket-sized lifeboat, and as soon as it's able, it automatically… » 1/02/08 10:20am 1/02/08 10:20am

SanDisk Indestructible Giveaway Deadline Extension

Just a heads up, our SanDisk Indestructible Giveaway was supposed to end today, but I decided to be a kind fellar and extend the deadline until Tuesday to give you folks all of Labor Day weekend to destroy some shizzle. If you have no clue what we are talking about, listen up. SanDisk has supplied us with a couple … » 9/01/06 3:33pm 9/01/06 3:33pm