I Think We Have a Winner in the iPhone 4 Case Category

At the very, very least, it keeps the hand away from the antennas. But somehow I suspect the venn diagram of 12 year old girls and Steve Jobs fans doesn't have too big of an intersection. [Crystal Icing] » 7/07/10 8:40pm 7/07/10 8:40pm

Crystal Icing Give Mario, Bowser SwaroskWii Treatment

Crystal Icing is back with two more additions to their Swarovski encrusted Wii range. They previously bought us the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess edition, which looked remarkable. Well, they are obviously onto a winning formula; just checkout the new Super Smash Bros Brawl inspired Wii / Swarovski overkill… » 3/15/08 11:00am 3/15/08 11:00am

Crystal Icing Offers iPhone, Swarovski-Style

Crystal Icing, known for covering various electronics in Swarovski crystals, offers an iPhone given the same treatment. For $295, you can get your phone "iced" with 1,500 regular-sized crystals, or 3,000 really small ones. Patterns range from butterflies to "tons of flowers" to flames. Or even camo, for you tough guys… » 7/05/07 12:30pm 7/05/07 12:30pm