Scientists Produce Rounded Crystals That Could Lead To 3D-Printed Pills

Taking inspiration from the microscopic rounded structures that creatures like starfish naturally grow to improve their limited vision, researchers at the University of Michigan have succeeded in artificially creating smooth facet-less crystals in the lab that have the potential to revolutionize everything from solar… »10/21/14 10:35am10/21/14 10:35am


Artificial Diamonds Still Forever, Just Now Sparklier and Defect-Free

Artificial diamonds are forever, Sparkling on your little scalpel. Unlike before they are shiner, and better: »10/28/08 6:39am10/28/08 6:39am OK...I'll stop and explain properly. A team at the Carnegie Institution have come up with a way of improving the artificial diamonds that are used in numerous applications, from surgical cutting edges to…

Swarovski-Encrusted Wii Actually Doesn't Look Like Crystalized Poop

We normally avoid posting things coated in Swarovski crystals like Asians avoid SARS, but this particular crystalized Wii looks spectacular. The console has the Twilight Princess Link/Wolf engraved on one side, the TriForce logo engraved on the other and the actual TriForce (with Kanji labels) on the front. We're not… »12/07/07 4:20pm12/07/07 4:20pm

Swarovsky-Encrusted Toilet Covers All Of Toilet, Not Just Insides, In Crap

Just when we thought we'd stop writing about things that are coated in Swarovsky crystals, they had to go and slap their shiny mess all over a toilet. It costs $75,000, which means you could easily coat a regular toilet in 750 $100 bills and have it come out looking better than this. Actually, you could take a dump,… »11/29/07 2:45pm11/29/07 2:45pm