Adobe Finally Decides to Fix its Own Broken Software

Remember when Adobe said the only way to fix a recently discovered Photoshop CS5.5 vulnerability was to upgrade to CS6? Thankfully, they've had a change of heart and are now working on a patch for all affected CS5.X applications. Apparently, the only push Adobe needed to do its job was the rage of the entire… » 5/13/12 1:30pm 5/13/12 1:30pm

Adobe's Photoshop Security Reaches a Sad New Low

Adobe Photoshop CS5.5 was released about a year ago. CS6 is out now, but with 5.5 barely being a year old, anyone who bought it could safely expect Adobe to keep it up to date for a while, right? Not so much. » 5/10/12 1:41pm 5/10/12 1:41pm

Adobe Creative Suite 6 on Sale Today, Creative Cloud on May 11th

Adobe has announced that the latest version of its professional-level Creative Suite, CS6, is available to purchase from today for both OS X and Windows. Those of you waiting for the Creative Cloud distribution will have to wait a couple of days longer, until May 11th. » 5/07/12 4:17am 5/07/12 4:17am

Adobe Nearly Blown Away By Winds of Change

Adobe unveiled CS6 and Creative Cloud in San Francisco today. It trucked in a bunch of enormous, branded balloons because, you know, cloud. But it's really windy today! And even with giant anchors, its having trouble keeping its stuff grounded. » 4/23/12 3:40pm 4/23/12 3:40pm

Photoshop CS6 Beta Review: The Best Update In Recent Memory

I'm in love with Photoshop CS6 after working with the beta during the past few weeks. For the first time in many years, this one is a must-have update. » 4/23/12 11:20am 4/23/12 11:20am

Five Reasons the New Photoshop Is a Big Deal

It's CS6 day! Adobe just dropped Creative Suite 6, which means a trove of updated apps with new features that make it seem like magical gremlins live inside your computer, processing your images. » 4/23/12 10:00am 4/23/12 10:00am

Adobe Creative Cloud and Creative Suite 6 Are Out Today

Adobe is releasing its new Creative Cloud and Creative Suite 6 today, and clearly, it wants to push you towards the former. The company is betting big on its Internet-powered software and gambling that customers will pay to come along for the ride. » 4/23/12 12:01am 4/23/12 12:01am