Buffalo Might Be Back in the Cheap Router Business With Patent Victory

As the happy owner of a cheapass Buffalo WHR-G125 router running DD-WRT, »10/08/08 8:20pm10/08/08 8:20pm the ridiculous BS patent lawsuit that in the US was deeply aggravating. Great news for Buffalo and reasonable people everywhere, CSIRO's patent claims have been ruled invalid, and Buffalo is getting a new trial, so we'll be able to buy Buffalo's…


Carbon Nanotube Manufacturing Breakthrough Could Mean Bye-Bye Steel

Carbon nanotubes have been popping »9/30/08 6:07am9/30/08 6:07am Giz for a while, touted as one of the next wonder-materials—but a new development in their manufacture means they may not remain "future technology" for long. In fact the work of a team at CSIRO and the University of Texas at Dallas means that commercial-scale production of sheets…

Buffalo Banned from Selling 802.11a and 802.11g Gear in the US

Australia-based Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation has won a patent infringement suit against Buffalo in a US district court, enjoining sales on all 802.11a, g and n products made by Buffalo as of Oct. 1 (full list here). CSIRO is apparently suing the entire wireless LAN industry, so Buffalo… »10/30/07 6:39pm10/30/07 6:39pm