The World's Thinnest Keyboard Is Just Half a Millimeter Thick

You know how papers can mysteriously go missing amongst the sea of documents strewn about your desk? The same thing could soon happen to your keyboard, thanks to the work of England-based research firm CSR. It's developed a touch keyboard that measures less than half a millimeter thick, making it the perfect… » 9/03/13 8:46am 9/03/13 8:46am

CSR Creates BlueVox2, the Five-Buck Bluetooth Headset Chip

CSR, the UK-based company with over 50 percent of the market share of Bluetooth products, has created BlueVox2, a cheap mono headset with low power consumption—CSR claims 15 hours talk time—and noise reduction. The tiny chip has AuriStream, allows simultaneous connection to multiple devices and supports Bluetooth… » 3/06/08 7:26am 3/06/08 7:26am