The CTIA Doesn’t Want SAR Radiation Levels Displayed On Phones

They claim that it would make consumers feel some phones are safer than others without adequate scientific proof, and are thus suing the city of San Francisco to stop their mandatory radiation warning law. According to the FCC, all phones are safe below a certain SAR level; San Francisco says it just wants to inform… » 7/23/10 6:54pm 7/23/10 6:54pm

Verizon's LTE 4G Expansion Plans: One-Third of Americans Covered This…

Verizon's not taking the 4G wars lying down. Today at CTIA, they announced that they'd be launching 25-30 LTE 4G networks this year, covering a third of Americans by the end of 2010, and twice that within fifteen months. » 3/24/10 4:31pm 3/24/10 4:31pm

T-Mobile's Crazy Fast HSPA+ 3G Network To Reach Over 100 Metro Areas

T-Mobile has announced that they're rolling out their super speedy HSPA+ network to over 100 metro areas covering 185 million people in 2010. More than half of that will be complete by the middle of the year. That's aggressive. » 3/23/10 3:29pm 3/23/10 3:29pm