ZenZui: Microsoft's New Web Navigation Interface For Phones

Click to viewProbably thought out by some interior designer with one too many sake shots inside him, ZenZui is both the name of a new Microsoft-backed startup and a new interface for phones designed to "transform how people engage, consume and interact with Web content through a revolutionary mobile user experience… »3/27/07 9:02am3/27/07 9:02am

Pantech To Debut Five New Phones, Tease With International Models at CTIA'07

As expected, Pantech has finally decided to treat our Korean phone envy with five new models that will appear at CTIA 2007. All of them are nice-o but with their usual lame names: the C3b, C510, C600, C170 and the C150 pictured here, a nice candybar that comes with MP3 downloading, VGA camera, and Bluetooth stereo… »3/26/07 9:10am3/26/07 9:10am