Hands On Skyfire Windows Mobile Browser: It Definitely Doesn't Suck

During our brief hands on with the Skyfire mobile browser at CTIA, it actually lived up to most of its claims, and we walked away fairly impressed. We saw it on two different devices, though most of our time was on a Sprint HTC Mogul. Besides rendering media-heavy Giz with surprising snap (a feat that made the… »4/04/08 7:00pm4/04/08 7:00pm

Sprint to Revive Nextel With Wi-Fi BlackBerry and CDMA Phones

According to a Gearlog report from CTIA, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse is promising an unnamed new iDEN BlackBerry with both push-to-talk and Wi-Fi, a full-featured smartphone to put some juice into the abysmal Nextel network. He also pledged new phones from Sanyo, Samsung, Motorola and LG that run on the CDMA network most… »4/04/08 6:15pm4/04/08 6:15pm

Motorola's Smart Rider Car Phone: Just In Case You Were Expecting a Call From 1992

An FCC leak back in February tipped us off to the fact that Motorola was prepping a car phone, but it wasn't until today that the details were announced. However, unlike the car phones of yesteryear, the Smart Rider features GPS navigation, voice activation and Bluetooth. But here is the kicker—you can use it outside… »4/03/08 9:20pm4/03/08 9:20pm

Meshcentric H_T: Waterproof Wi-Fi Cellular Anti-Stalker GPS Game Handheld With LED Lightshow... Say What?

Our friend Stuart at PocketGamer UK just shared with us his encounter with Meshcentric CEO Scott Fry, who is in Vegas at CTIA telling everyone about the H_T, a cellular gaming 1-mile-range-Wi-Fi hot spot with over-clocked CPU, fluorescent LEDs and GPS. The suspiciously PSP-shaped new multifunction device is apparently… »4/03/08 2:50pm4/03/08 2:50pm

WiMax Competitor LTE Runs Wii Online Multiplayer So Fast It Seems Local

WiMax isn't the only the live 4G game in town. Alcatel-Lucent is running an arguably much sexier demo of LTE (long-term evolution), the high-speed 4G network that Verizon and AT&T are going to deploy. Besides streaming video to a wall of TVs with over 100Mbps of throughput, they have two Wiis hooked up, one on Wi-Fi… »4/02/08 6:30pm4/02/08 6:30pm

Straight from AT&T Mobility CEO's Mouth: 3G iPhone Coming in "Months"

Click to viewWe're at an AT&T lunch, and AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph de la Vega just dropped some meaty bits. He had mentioned earlier in the event that he expected all of their smart integrated devices to be 3G in the next couple months. Sascha Segan from PC Mag asked it that included the iPhone. De la Vega responded,… »4/02/08 4:50pm4/02/08 4:50pm

Video: Samsung Instinct Lets You Browse Web Pages with Tilt Navigation (Plus, It's Under $300)

Click to view Samsung Instinct, second pass, this time in a room with real lighting! Besides learning that it'll come out for under $300, we took another look at the web browser, which we weren't super impressed with earlier, partially because its slick, headlining interface feature—panning through a website by… »4/02/08 12:05am4/02/08 12:05am

Kyocera Neo E1100 Brings OLED, Designer Sensibility to Low End Phone

The Kyocera Neo E1100 is a forgettable CDMA handset save for the fact that it has a glowing blue "lightpipe" and a hidden OLED display on its minimal exterior. Other than that, it has Bluetooth 2.0 and a 1.3 MP camera. But hey, it's nice to look at and it's coming soon to a North American carrier near you.
»4/02/08 12:00am4/02/08 12:00am

Sound ID's HD300 Bluetooth Headset: Pristine Audio, Filters Out the Jibba Jabba

Sound ID has taken the lid off their new HD300 Bluetooth headset featuring proprietary NoiseNavigation technology that promises "pristine sound" by isolating speech and automatically reducing wind and background noise using dual microphones and DSP algorithms. A lot of companies make similar claims, but Sound ID's… »4/01/08 7:30pm4/01/08 7:30pm

Cloudbook Max Features Built-In WiMAX for Sprint's XOHM Network

Straight from CTIA 2008, Everex has unveiled their new Cloudbook Max featuring built-in support for Sprint's XOHM WiMAX network. Users can also expect a 8.9" WVGA (1024 x 600) display, a 1.6GHz VIA C7-M ULV processor with the VIA VX800 digital media IGP chipset, up to 2GB DDR2 SDRAM, a 80GB hard disk drive, 802.11b/g… »4/01/08 7:00pm4/01/08 7:00pm

Life-Size Iron Man Guards LG Booth: Tony Stark Loves LG?

Maybe it's to keep us from groping the Vu just a little bit too hard or to beat off press fiends eager for swag bags, but a life-size Iron Man is hanging out at LG's booth looking badass in his Mark 3 suit. Whatever the reason, it probably means Tony Stark will be rocking gear from LG in the flick to match his Dell… »4/01/08 6:00pm4/01/08 6:00pm