Kyocera's Booth is the Coolest at CTIA 2007

Kyocera had the classiest CTIA booth around, composed of faux grass, wood, river-washed stones, and red structural beams. But their phones are kind of irrelevant — they need a real flagship phone. And the S-hinged clamshell, the E5000, possibly their best of show, won't cut it. (Jump for a photo and specs.) This CTIA,… » 3/27/07 7:23pm 3/27/07 7:23pm

Helio Ocean Gallery and Video: Every Friggin Detail, Right Here

Now that I've seen it, what can I say about the Helio Ocean? For starters, its not as huge as I thought it would be with the triple layer of LCD, 9-key, and QWERTY. It's nice, with a lot more functionality than a Sidekick III (never mind the 3G network access), but I wouldn't call it as stylish, not even next to … » 3/27/07 6:45pm 3/27/07 6:45pm

Thunder Super Radio HiFI Phone—What the...

Hidden in the deep crevices of the CTIA show, gems like this one can be found. From the front, this phone looks like a fairly normal candybar phone. Flip her over and find one hell of an odd boombox attached to the back. It is a TV/FM/AM radio tuner complete with a digital display and giant, shiny speaker. For more of… » 3/27/07 5:20pm 3/27/07 5:20pm

ZenZui: Microsoft's New Web Navigation Interface For Phones

Click to viewProbably thought out by some interior designer with one too many sake shots inside him, ZenZui is both the name of a new Microsoft-backed startup and a new interface for phones designed to "transform how people engage, consume and interact with Web content through a revolutionary mobile user experience… » 3/27/07 9:02am 3/27/07 9:02am