Pantech Concept Phones Make Rare Appearance at CTIA

Much like the members of Rage Against the Machine, it's a big deal when Pantech's concept phones make an appearance in public together. Unlike the members of Rage, however, these phones don't want to stab Zack in the face. The Pantech people tell me that it's rare that all the concepts are… » 4/02/07 6:40pm 4/02/07 6:40pm

Hands-On: Lifepop Mini '80s Boombox

This little vinyl boombox gets pretty loud considering the 9v powerpack and the quarter-sized speakers. Another gem found in the WTF section of CTIA. The kit comes with a minijack adapter, a keychain, and the pouch itself can hold a cellphone or Shuffle, but controlling the device while inside would prove to be… » 3/30/07 8:52pm 3/30/07 8:52pm

CTIA 2007 Roundup

Our two reporters are home, recovering from all of the cellphone madness at CTIA 2007. While they sleep and dream of anything not related to cellphones, check out some of the goods from the show: » 3/30/07 5:40pm 3/30/07 5:40pm

Wafer-thin MoGo Bluetooth Headset

Remember the Mogo Mouse? You know, that extremely small, Bluetooth mouse that could store and charge in the PCMCIA slot? MoGo went ahead and made it even smaller, took out the mousing capabilities and attached a speaker/mic for the MoGo Bluetooth headset. The uncomfortable-looking earpiece can fold in and out for easy… » 3/29/07 4:20pm 3/29/07 4:20pm

Hands-On With the Smallest Flip-Phone Ever

Despite Jesus promising I'd shove these Pantech models down the old pantaloons, there wasn't much in the way of features or looks to warrant an unpantsing. We save that for only the items on top of the consumer electronics totem pole. » 3/28/07 11:25pm 3/28/07 11:25pm

LG Puts Google Apps on Phones, Larry and Sergei Hope for Date with…

LG has signed a worldwide deal with Google, which will give their phone users worldwide instant access to Google mobile apps, further dispelling the recent rumors of the GPhone. » 3/28/07 5:32am 3/28/07 5:32am

CTIA's Showstopper Event: Great Shrimp

Showstopper, a common event at big gadget shows, finished a few hours ago. One of the best things about this particular Showstopper event was the food. Team Gizmodo finished off about two dozen shrimp in less than 15 minutes. (Team Gizmodo = Jason and me.) Then I got hives. » 3/27/07 11:56pm 3/27/07 11:56pm

Motorola Packs its Longest-lasting Battery Inside New H680 Bluetooth…

The problem with most Bluetooth headsets (aside from the fact that they make you look like a cyborg) is that they die out after a few hours of use. » 3/27/07 8:42pm 3/27/07 8:42pm

Motorola CTIA Roundup

Unfortunately, for us, Motorola has produced a bit of a yawner at this year's CTIA show. Motorola showed off the S9 Bluetooth headset, which we have known about, the H9, which is simply an update to the Motorola H5, the RAZR maxx Ve, which has been lingering for a couple months and lastly and coolest, the ROKR Z6m.… » 3/27/07 8:00pm 3/27/07 8:00pm

Kyocera's Booth is the Coolest at CTIA 2007

Kyocera had the classiest CTIA booth around, composed of faux grass, wood, river-washed stones, and red structural beams. But their phones are kind of irrelevant — they need a real flagship phone. And the S-hinged clamshell, the E5000, possibly their best of show, won't cut it. (Jump for a photo and specs.) This CTIA,… » 3/27/07 7:23pm 3/27/07 7:23pm

Helio Ocean Gallery and Video: Every Friggin Detail, Right Here

Now that I've seen it, what can I say about the Helio Ocean? For starters, its not as huge as I thought it would be with the triple layer of LCD, 9-key, and QWERTY. It's nice, with a lot more functionality than a Sidekick III (never mind the 3G network access), but I wouldn't call it as stylish, not even next to … » 3/27/07 6:45pm 3/27/07 6:45pm

LG VX8700 Official for Verizon

The LG VX8700 Shine flipper gets official for Verizon, as we saw before. It's a part of the Shine family—the daddy Shine isn't making it to the states—but the entirely-covered-in-steel baby is. We're much more excited for Prada and Prada-like phones from LG, but some people love the Shine. » 3/27/07 5:59pm 3/27/07 5:59pm

Thunder Super Radio HiFI Phone—What the...

Hidden in the deep crevices of the CTIA show, gems like this one can be found. From the front, this phone looks like a fairly normal candybar phone. Flip her over and find one hell of an odd boombox attached to the back. It is a TV/FM/AM radio tuner complete with a digital display and giant, shiny speaker. For more of… » 3/27/07 5:20pm 3/27/07 5:20pm

Kyocera M1000 Folds Out for Some QWERTY Hotness

Kyocera is jumping on the low-end QWERTY bandwagon with the M1000 announced today at CTIA. This candybar style phone opens to unveil another screen and a QWERTY keyboard similar to that of the LG VX-9800. » 3/27/07 4:40pm 3/27/07 4:40pm

Sanyo SCP-7050: Stubby and Ugly, but Durable

Not too many cellphones can take a kick in the face, but as the folks at CNET found out, Sanyo's new SCP-7050 for Sprint is military tough, meaning it'll withstand any type of cellphone torture you throw its way. The $149 phone has a 2-inch display, but lacks a few modern features like a camera and music player.… » 3/27/07 3:25pm 3/27/07 3:25pm

Even More Samsung Upstage Details

We just got done talking to Sprint about their latest (and some would say best) music phone, the Samsung Upstage. Here are some previously unreleased details that may have not been found here (or anywhere else). » 3/27/07 11:10am 3/27/07 11:10am

iPhone and Me at CTIA: Like Ships Passing In the Night

People have been asking, but I didn't see the iPhone on display at CTIA. According to Yahoo news it was here, but only for a few minutes before being whisked away back to Cupertino. AT&T Chief Operating Officer Randall Stephenson whipped it out on stage at the CTIA keynote, only to be burnt to a crisp as 10,000 flash… » 3/27/07 10:40am 3/27/07 10:40am

ZenZui: Microsoft's New Web Navigation Interface For Phones

Click to viewProbably thought out by some interior designer with one too many sake shots inside him, ZenZui is both the name of a new Microsoft-backed startup and a new interface for phones designed to "transform how people engage, consume and interact with Web content through a revolutionary mobile user experience… » 3/27/07 9:02am 3/27/07 9:02am

HTC Shift (UMPC) Gallery, Impressions

Although the HTC Shift was encased in glass—as manufacturers are apt to do now—we still got some nice shots of it in all its Vista-running, 30GB hard drive having, wireless connecting glory. » 3/26/07 11:30pm 3/26/07 11:30pm