RIM Launches Facebook App for BlackBerries

Always working to meet the needs of their bleary eyed, raw-thumbed customers, RIM's making it easier for power traders and venture capitalists to poke each other right from their BlackBerries. The new Facebook app, available later today from Facebook or RIM only for T-Mobile customers for now [Update: People with… » 10/24/07 3:05pm 10/24/07 3:05pm

BlackJack II Hands-On (Verdict: Speedy, Slim and Sexy)

We just got hands-on with the BlackJack II, the Windows Mobile Smartphone follow-up to the popular BJ1. The things we noticed: it's thin like the original, and small enough to feel the same in your pocket as non-smartphones. The OS is Windows Mobile 6, which improves greatly on the original's WM5, and is definitely… » 10/23/07 1:33pm 10/23/07 1:33pm

i-Mate Makes Official North American Push With 4 Windows Mobile…

These four devices in the i-Mate Ultimates line—the 9502, 8502, 8150 and the 6150— are i-Mate's official push into the North American market. We've seen their Ultimates line before, but now they've promised a marketing campaign and sales direct from their website. Until now, the US market for Windows Mobile phones… » 10/22/07 9:58pm 10/22/07 9:58pm