Massive Buckyball cube video is so satisfying it gives me goosebumps

The deadly magnetic metal spheres known as Buckyballs may be officially banned, but they keep living in the homes and offices of rebels who keep making cool stuff with them. Like this massive cube assembled with 10,000 magnetic spheres—without a doubt the most satisfying video so far this month. »8/27/14 10:04am8/27/14 10:04am

Teradek Cube Broadcasts Live Video From Your Camera Over Wi-Fi or Verizon 4G

Running in the $2000 range, it might not be the most practical way to show far flung relatives your kid's birthday party, but for those in the business of live streaming, the Teradek Cube crams a lot of solution in a little package. The deck of cards-sized box is a miniature, battery-powered H264 encoder that sends… »3/08/11 12:06pm3/08/11 12:06pm