These Little Cubes of Fun Interact With Each Other Using NFC

It probably helps to be a child, but in all honesty these Sifteo cubes look like so much fun, I'd definitely fiddle with them while procrastinating/waiting for pages to load. » 8/11/11 9:40am 8/11/11 9:40am

This Is a Gun

This cube may look like hell's version of Jenga, but it's actually an elaborate, 125-piece puzzle. The solution? A single-shot 45-caliber muzzle-loading pistol called the Intimidator. No, seriously. See for yourself. » 7/29/10 11:20am 7/29/10 11:20am

LED Cube Colorfully Assimilates Desktops

This LED art cube is no Shanghai Dream Cube, sure, but let's be honest: The smaller cube is slightly more affordable and China would never let you have that building in the first place. » 7/25/10 1:30pm 7/25/10 1:30pm

The Perfect Gift For the Physicist Who Thinks In Ten Dimensions

Holiday shopping can be tough. Holiday shopping for that special someone can be tougher—especially if that someone happens to be a theoretical physicist. Luckily, for the brainiac who has everything there's this beautiful Calabi-Yau Manifold crystal. » 12/13/09 10:00am 12/13/09 10:00am

Rubik's Cube Card Reader Will Only Make You Look Smarter

Of course, it's not an officially licensed real Rubik's Cube (unless you're looking at the easiest Rubik's Cube in history), but Brando's "270˘X x 270 X Card Reader" comes close enough. » 4/14/09 4:00pm 4/14/09 4:00pm

LG Arena KM900 Combines iPhone-Inspired Interface With Touch-Based 3D…

We teased the LG KM900 about unabashedly copying the iPhone earlier this month, but maybe we should scale that back a bit. New info leads me to believe the interface is more SUSE than Apple. » 2/08/09 11:25am 2/08/09 11:25am

Neocube Is Better Than the Rubik's Cube Because There's No Right Answer

Click to viewRubik's Cubes are nice if you actually want to think, but how about for those times when you're just sitting there and you want something to fiddle with? The Neocube has 216 spherical neodymium magnets that connect and make a cube, a sphere, or any other obscene shape that springs to mind. Show me a man… » 4/30/08 6:30pm 4/30/08 6:30pm

A La Carte Portable Kitchen Cubes

The Stradtnomaden kitchen is made up of three portable cubes, that—when built—create a stove, sink, and counter top. Each piece is just 2 feet wide and one foot deep unassembled, which means you can easily port it around in your stolen shopping cart. You'll need electricity and water sources though, so you may want to… » 1/29/07 5:50pm 1/29/07 5:50pm

Time Cube for the Cube-Obsessed

If you can't stop thinking about Steve Jobs's Fifth Avenue cube, remind yourself of your object of obsession twice a day with this Time Cube, a clock that shifts into all kinds of strange shapes but turns into a perfect cube at noon and midnight. » 6/01/06 12:57pm 6/01/06 12:57pm