Nvidia Quadro FX 5800 Claims Most Powerful Graphics Card Ever, Probably Handles Crysis OK

Nvidia has released what it describes as "the most powerful professional graphics card in graphics history"-the Quadro FX 5800, which packs up to 240 of Nvidia's CUDA independent graphics cores for shouldering some of the load normally handled by the main processor »11/10/08 10:45am11/10/08 10:45am as well as 4GB of graphics memory, another claimed…

PhysX and CUDA Apps for GeForce 8, 9 and 200 Series Graphics Cards Are Live

Rumors of imminent high fail rates notwithstanding, today's a pretty good day to own any GeForce 8 series or higher desktop graphics card, since they all get PhysX support with a free download (three PhysX-juiced UT3 maps are free too). Also tapping the CUDA goodness is badaboom, an insanely fast video transcoder,… »8/12/08 12:15pm8/12/08 12:15pm