James Bond Would Totally Rock These Butterfly Knife Cufflinks

This sleek pair of cufflinks has a butterfly knife hidden inside. They might as well be paraphernalia from an old 007 movie. » 2/26/13 5:00pm 2/26/13 5:00pm

Handcuff Key Cufflinks Would Get James Bond Out of Any Lock-Up

Seemingly targeted at dapper globe-trotting spies, or wealthy perpetrators of corporate crimes, these stylish Sparrow Uncuff Links feature a handcuff key secretly incorporated into their design. Except that it's not so secret. How long is it really going to take for super-villain henchmen or law enforcement to… » 11/15/12 11:00am 11/15/12 11:00am

Over-Engineered Cufflinks Save Precious Seconds Before Your Fancy Dress…

Unless you're a dashing secret agent who needs to woo the ladies, cufflinks are not exactly everyday dress attire for the average gent. So when the opportunity does arise to get spiffied up, consider this stylish new set from Richard Mille featuring a simple push-button mechanism made from lightweight titanium. » 10/15/12 3:40pm 10/15/12 3:40pm

Dress to Kill (Or Just Prick) With a Set of Pocket Knife Cufflinks

Looking like they were lifted from James Bond's accessories drawer, this set of working pocket knife cufflinks are the perfect not-so-concealed weapons for the aspiring spy. Or, anyone who hates finding a loose thread on their tuxedo. » 6/04/12 11:00am 6/04/12 11:00am

R2-D2 Flash Drive Cufflinks Are Obviously the Best Cufflinks In the…

If I had to wear a suit to work, I would definitely buy these R2-D2 USB flash drive cufflinks. They can store 2GB of data each, which is pretty good. In fact, I can't think of a better cufflink—except a pair that also made R2 sounds. » 6/01/12 6:40pm 6/01/12 6:40pm

Insanely Expensive Cufflinks Made From Gold and AK-47s

The AK-47 is probably the greatest success story of Communist engineering. But what is easily one of the most popular assault weapons on the planet has now been melted down and turned into a set of limited edition cufflinks. » 11/19/11 3:00pm 11/19/11 3:00pm

iCufflinks for the iFan in your iLife

These iCufflinks are so cool, yet oh so nerdy. I secretly would like to buy them for Father's Day, but would be slightly embarrassed if my man actually wore them to our next formal occasion. » 6/15/11 10:44pm 6/15/11 10:44pm

3D-Printed Cufflinks for Teeny Tiny Bikes Are Cooler than the…

Do you enjoy cycling? Do you enjoy wearing fancy shirts? Then perhaps you need some cufflinks, and perhaps you want some cufflinks that look like little cranks and pedals, yes? They're not subtle, but damn it, you love your bike. » 5/05/11 6:20pm 5/05/11 6:20pm

What's He Got Up His Sleeve? Why, 4GB of Data, That's What

Combining form and function (and just a little dash of nerdlinger-ness), these USB cufflinks actually have 2GB of flash memory each. That's 4GB of secret documents you could be carrying with you. How very James Bond. [Cufflinks via Red Ferret] » 5/27/10 7:17am 5/27/10 7:17am

Xbox Cufflinks Almost Justify Dressing Up...Almost

The sole flaw with the modern hoodie is that it has neither need nor room for these authentic Xbox button cufflinks. $40. [Etsy via Unplggd] » 5/20/10 8:53am 5/20/10 8:53am

Xbox Cufflinks Allow You To Subtly Ruin Any Formal Occasion

These Xbox cufflinks are the perfect way to inappropriately inject your nerdiness into otherwise classy situations. Because your daughter's wedding just won't be the same without everyone knowing you're a gamer. [Etsy via Technabob] » 10/26/09 7:40pm 10/26/09 7:40pm

Millennium Falcon Cufflinks

Whoever created these $22 polymer clay Millennium Falcon cufflinks forgot a simple fact: People who buy Star Wars merchandise rarely wear anything else but t-shirts or fake Imperial Stormtrooper plastic armors. [Etsy via Geeky Gadget] » 2/06/09 6:14am 2/06/09 6:14am

Working Scissor Cufflinks Are For Wealthy Cutters

These solid silver, rhodium-coated scissor cufflinks are cutting edge and all, and very shiny, but at $550 for the pair I think I'll just rummage around the kitchen drawer and bend a pair of my own, thank you very much. Oh, what's that? They open and close, just like real scissors? Sold! [A+R Store] » 7/26/08 5:00pm 7/26/08 5:00pm

Sterling Silver Wiimote Cufflinks Complements Any Ensemble

Cufflinks. No other clothing accessory is so arbitrary and outdated, yet still screams "I have class" better than cufflinks. Here's a way to work your gaming habit in. It's the sterling silver Wiimote cufflinks. The front is a Wiimote, the back is a Nunchuk. It's $30 more than you'd actually pay for two Wiimotes and… » 4/21/08 6:45pm 4/21/08 6:45pm

Watch Cog Cufflinks

These cufflinks have antique watch intestines as their guts. The cogs don't wind anything, and its uncertain if they are functional at all. Regardless, Red Envelope, the premium gift store, is known for shiny gifts that have zero gadget-worth whatsoever, so we salute them for stocking such a geektastic gift. » 2/02/07 8:52pm 2/02/07 8:52pm

Microchip Cufflinks: Macro Cool

These microchip cufflinks are perfect for when we are choked into a suit and tie and pulled from our techcaves, kicking and screaming. They are a way of discreetly saying, "I am listening with sincerity, but my cufflinks could be processing how my cold, robot legs are going to kick your soft, fleshy ass all over this… » 10/07/06 2:30pm 10/07/06 2:30pm

DIY Ethernet Cuff Links

What's a geek to do on those rare occasions when cuff links are needed but the rent-a-tux place forgot to include them? Make some yourself using UTP connectors—or Ethernet connectors—crimpers and some pair-wire. This is a pretty good idea and bound to make a splash at any event, given it is technology relate. These… » 6/13/06 4:27pm 6/13/06 4:27pm

Downmarket Cufflinks

You'd think cufflinks would have to be sacred—beyond the fray of technology and our geeky kind. But no. That bastion of conservative Britishness has now been dubbed high-tech with new iKuffs, the very first light-up cufflinks using different color LEDs to make a statement. I just dare you to walk into an interview at… » 10/07/05 8:52am 10/07/05 8:52am