Microsoft Has Great Ads To Rival Apple’s, But Won’t Air Them On TV

Can Microsoft ever do anything right? The company has some produced some pretty good advertising for Windows 7, but for some inexplicable reason, the ads will not be shown on TV. Microsoft’s best advertising in years is restricted to a dusty corner of YouTube, where no one will see them. After making everyone squirm… »9/26/09 10:05am9/26/09 10:05am

Conde Nast Backs Up Fake Steve Jobs in Fight with Real Steve Jobs

When Fake Steve Jobs, the anonymous blogger who parodied the real man, was asked to cease and desist, he asked for a sugar daddy to keep the site going. After only a few weeks, Wired News emerged as the lucky sponsor. I wonder how much he sold his soul for — fighting those lawyers can't be cheap. The real question is… »2/22/07 5:59pm2/22/07 5:59pm