Doomsday Group Posts FAQ to Explain Why the World Didn’t End on Time

There have been a lot of End-of-Days-to-be over the years. Y2K. Wayne Bent’s Day of Judgement. The Mayan Apocalypse. The Blood Moon Prophecy. All of which have come and gone without leaving Earth the smoldering pile of rubble we’re so often promised. But now, finally, eBible Fellowship is here to tell us why with a… »10/15/15 11:56am10/15/15 11:56am


Rob Rhinehart's Latest Attempt to Make You Buy Soylent Is Terrible

I think Rob Rhinehart is trying to turn himself into some sort of creepy nerd messiah. Today he posted a giant essay to promote the release of Soylent 2.0, the next version of his sperm-esque food replacement drink. It was all about how he’s given up alternating current so he can get ready for his life as a space… »8/03/15 6:00pm8/03/15 6:00pm

The Online Legacy of a Suicide Cult and the Webmasters Who Stayed Behind

Every month, the bills get paid on time. The emails get answered, and any orders filled. Which, for, is positively extraordinary. Because as far as the public is aware, every last member of the suicide cult died 17 years ago from a cocktail of arsenic and apple sauce. A few stayed behind, though.… »9/17/14 10:42am9/17/14 10:42am

Cult-itecture: The Compounds Of Reclusive Communities

Waco, Texas, the Divine Lorraine, and Jonestown were radically different, yet each existed within a similar American terrain—rapidly globalizing, urbanizing, and increasingly fearful. Made from material odds and ends, their leaders sought sites that were neither here nor there: an abandoned hotel, an unused ranch, a… »8/26/13 6:19pm8/26/13 6:19pm