Dell Inspiron 11z Hits for $399, Explains Disappearance of Inspiron…

Like we predicted, Dell is joining the Intel CULV brigade today with its Inspiron 11Z. The inch thin notebook isn't part of the Inspiron netbook family, but is clearly what Dell planned to take the place of the Mini 12. » 8/18/09 11:00am 8/18/09 11:00am

Cheap, Thin Laptops Suffering From Cheapness, Thinness

The new litter of thin, cheap laptops, as we've seen from Lenovo and Dell, is inherently charming, making the experience of using a cheap, portable laptop bearable for people put off by netbook tininess. There's just one problem. » 7/02/09 7:17am 7/02/09 7:17am

HP to Release Budget Ultrathin Laptops Later This Year

Intel told us to expect cheap, thin, midsized laptops to start showing up in major laptop manufacturers' catalogs this summer, and sure enough, Lenovo announced theirs one week later. Next up, according to Digitimes: Hewlett-Packard. » 5/27/09 4:04am 5/27/09 4:04am