Cupcake Kitchen Timer Might Get You a Batch of Cupcakes or Two

This might be the perfect device to get someone to make more cupcakes for you: The Cupcake Kitchen Timer, which at 3.5 inches tall is almost big enough to qualify as a cake. Or you know what? You could take a giant leap and makes some cupcakes yourself! Don't bite into this one, though—it's made of hand-painted resin.… » 10/22/07 1:01pm 10/22/07 1:01pm

Apple Cupcakes, Not Made of Apples (Still Good)

We've posted a lot of gadget cakes in these parts, which is precisely why we're so excited when someone takes it "to the next level." In avant garde fashion, the likes of which we will not wrap our head around for years (possibly decades), Cakes By 2 Moms has created Apple-themed cupcakes—cakes that fit in a cup—cake… » 9/07/07 9:00am 9/07/07 9:00am