Confidential Images of Apple's New Spaceship Interior Leaked

We already saw plenty of exterior images of Apple's new headquarters, which look like a giant spaceship or a spaceport. But these confidential interior images—obtained by 9to5mac's Élyse Betters—truly show the scale of this place. Look at the size of the glass walls! »9/07/12 4:09pm9/07/12 4:09pm

These glass panels look like those at the .

"Dear Cupertino" Apple Site Reduces Bad Rumors Back To Desperate Wishes

The majority of Apple rumors ignored by the veterans at sites like Macrumors and Apple Insider are non-sourced, usually building up from the updrafts of the blog/analyst/network news circle jerk vortex. This new site, with almost no content right now, has a great idea: Drop the pretense of claiming to know what Apple… »7/04/08 4:15pm7/04/08 4:15pm