Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Rabies

So far as awful ways to die go, being attacked by a rabid animal then dying a slow, painful death must rank near the top. And exactly that happens to 55,000 people every year. Here's how you (or your dog) can get rabies, what it does to your body as it kills you and what you can do to ensure neither of you gets it. »3/19/15 6:24pm3/19/15 6:24pm

Early 1900s Cure-All Medicines Would Actually Kill You Dead

There are plenty of reasons to be thankful that you don't live in the early 1900s (child labor laws, air conditioning, what have you), but just in case you've been feeling nostalgic for simpler times, new research from the University of Detroit Mercy should put those wistful fantasies to rest. After chemically… »4/08/13 1:20pm4/08/13 1:20pm