Wiimote Curtain Controller Project is Like Resident Evil: Drapes

Standing up and manually closing curtains is for old people and Luddites. What we roll with is of the mechanical variety, preferably hooked up to something like a Wiimote to give it that extra bit of nerdiness. This Wiimote curtain project is exactly what we mean. Sure, it's not 1:1 arm to curtain movement, but… »2/27/08 8:30pm2/27/08 8:30pm

Expected Curtain Gives the Lonely Friends to Come Home to

Designed by Mino Kodama, the Expected Curtain is a sort of instant virtual posse, aimed individuals who either have no friends, or who are plagued by stalkers*. Hang the curtain in your window and, while the three shadowy "friends" won't show up during the day (thus making your neighbors fear you are a work-shy fop… »12/10/07 1:13pm12/10/07 1:13pm