This Shower Curtain Descends From The Ceiling Like Magic

It's common knowledge that anything descending from above is awesome. Superman. Rainbows. Felix Baumgartner. Our future alien overlords. All inherently better because they came from the heavens. Now, thanks to German ingenuity, our shower curtains can join these esteemed celestial ranks. » 10/16/12 6:40pm 10/16/12 6:40pm

Tron-Esque Curtains Not Only Cancel Out Noise, They Sample it in Cool…

These noise-cancelling curtains go a step further than the last drapes we saw, as they actually replace all the humdrum from outside with music. Music created from the honks of cars outside! » 5/13/11 1:00pm 5/13/11 1:00pm

This Curtain is Super-Effective at Blocking Out Sounds (But Not Light)

What resembles a gauzy curtain—or a shower curtain, even—is actually a high-tech fabric that blocks out sound like nothing else before. Developed by the Swiss, the fabric is five times more effective at absorbing sounds than normal curtains, though I'm not so sure it blocks out the light as well. » 5/05/11 1:00pm 5/05/11 1:00pm

Clever Robotic Curtain Doesn't Let Passersby Peek Inside This Workshop

Having a street level abode can be really convenient at times, but not when it comes to privacy. Niklas Roy decided to fix that problem by installing a robotic curtain that follows onlookers passing on the sidewalk outside his personal workshop. » 10/18/10 2:00pm 10/18/10 2:00pm

Solar Powered Curtain Concept Smartly Controls Shade

The Compliant Shading Enclosure concept automatically regulates the amount of shade, shadow and light that comes into a window. How? There's a curtain (the green thing) in between the glass panes that's programmed to open or close depending on the temperature » 7/23/10 12:00am 7/23/10 12:00am

Solar Curtains Turn Unwanted Sunlight Into Energy

Solar energy for household use is a pretty genius idea and one that we think will become more and more commonplace in the next few years. These curtains are semi-transparent and flexible, turning sunlight into electricity whenever you're blocking out light to keep the home cool. These, along with having solar panels… » 6/12/08 7:20pm 6/12/08 7:20pm

Wiimote Curtain Controller Project is Like Resident Evil: Drapes

Standing up and manually closing curtains is for old people and Luddites. What we roll with is of the mechanical variety, preferably hooked up to something like a Wiimote to give it that extra bit of nerdiness. This Wiimote curtain project is exactly what we mean. Sure, it's not 1:1 arm to curtain movement, but… » 2/27/08 8:30pm 2/27/08 8:30pm

Magnetic Curtains Retain Whatever Shape You Put Them In

I can't say that I've seen too many great innovations in the world of curtains lately, but these Magnetic Curtains actually get me excited about something I previously thought only moms cared about. They're big ol' curtains, but they have small magnets embedded throughout, allowing them to be bunched up and stay… » 2/06/08 11:00am 2/06/08 11:00am

Expected Curtain Gives the Lonely Friends to Come Home to

Designed by Mino Kodama, the Expected Curtain is a sort of instant virtual posse, aimed individuals who either have no friends, or who are plagued by stalkers*. Hang the curtain in your window and, while the three shadowy "friends" won't show up during the day (thus making your neighbors fear you are a work-shy fop… » 12/10/07 1:13pm 12/10/07 1:13pm