This Curved LG G Flex Phone Sure Looks Beautifully Bent Up

Here's a closer look at LG's upcoming curved banana phone, known as the G Flex. You can see the curved OLED display curl up like the Galaxy Nexus once did but at an angle that's slightly more dramatic. » 10/23/13 12:36am 10/23/13 12:36am

That Curved Screen Samsung Galaxy Round Is a Real Thing

If you're looking to get weird with your phone, the curved screen of the official Samsung Galaxy Round is a good start. Well, sort of. The curved 5.7-inch screen—same as the uncurved Note 3—is a real thing that Samsung is actually making but it's only launching on SK Telecom in South Korea. » 10/08/13 10:21pm 10/08/13 10:21pm

Possible Nexus Prime Picture Shows Off a Super Curved Screen (and…

Yesterday, Samsung released a cryptic video teasing next week's Android Unpacked event. The end of the video shows a suuuper curved phone with the tagline, "Something BIG is coming." Hello Nexus Prime? » 10/05/11 8:39am 10/05/11 8:39am