Thanko's Lazy Geek's Cushion, Perfect for Prone PC Action

Ages ago I admitted to being a floor-lounger, and it looks like Thanko has come up with a solution that'll let me combine lazing around and blogging for the Giz at the same time. I might rename it from Lazy Geek's Cushion to "Relaxed Blogger's Desk" though. Looking a little like a massage table, it's 31 x 19 inches… » 6/17/08 4:52am 6/17/08 4:52am

Luminous Fiber Optic Pillow For That Hot Valentine's Day Glow

Okay guys, there's only 2 1/2 weeks until V-day, and that might just be enough time to call in this fiber optic luminous heart cushion from LumiGram in Paris, originator of those really sexy-looking fiber optic shirts (booby alert). Imagine the kudos you'll get for importing this glowing symbol of your lust love for… » 1/26/07 8:37am 1/26/07 8:37am