Thanko's Lazy Geek's Cushion, Perfect for Prone PC Action

Ages ago I admitted to being a floor-lounger, and it looks like Thanko has come up with a solution that'll let me combine lazing around and blogging for the Giz at the same time. I might rename it from Lazy Geek's Cushion to "Relaxed Blogger's Desk" though. Looking a little like a massage table, it's 31 x 19 inches… » 6/17/08 4:52am 6/17/08 4:52am

ZipZip Floor Cushions Zip Together For Sofa Fun

I admit it: I'm a frequent floor-lounger ... so these interlocking cushions from Pling Collection would be ideal furniture for me. ZipZip's 30-inch upholstered pads have zips on all four sides, you see. So you can choose to make one huge floor cover, for, you know, generalized laying about, or combine them more… » 3/27/08 12:44pm 3/27/08 12:44pm

Luminous Fiber Optic Pillow For That Hot Valentine's Day Glow

Okay guys, there's only 2 1/2 weeks until V-day, and that might just be enough time to call in this fiber optic luminous heart cushion from LumiGram in Paris, originator of those really sexy-looking fiber optic shirts (booby alert). Imagine the kudos you'll get for importing this glowing symbol of your lust love for… » 1/26/07 8:37am 1/26/07 8:37am