Your Worst Customer Service Horror Stories

While my own Verizon horror story did work out in the end (replacement phone received, $500 penalty avoided, woohoo), not many people have a globe-spanning soapbox like Gizmodo upon which to kvetch. Here are ten of the most stupendously terrible cases of customer service our readers have had to endure. » 12/27/13 11:00am 12/27/13 11:00am

What's Your Most Positive Tech Support Experience?

One time I called Time Warner customer service because the internet was out in my apartment. The man I spoke to was friendly. He had information about an outage in my area. He had an estimate of how long it would be before service was restored. And he was allowed to tell me that estimate. » 10/13/13 2:00pm 10/13/13 2:00pm

Obamacare Customer Service Told Everyone To Reset Their Passwords

We've all done tech support for family members and it tends to start basic. Did you restart? Have you ever downloaded updates ever? Why are you trying to buy WD-40 from Amazon Japan? And often it's as simple as resetting a password. » 10/12/13 10:15am 10/12/13 10:15am

Your Amazon Account Might Be Getting Scammed with False Replacement…

When our dear friend Mat Honan got hacked earlier this year, it was because of gaping security flaws in Apple and Amazon's customer service systems. It hasn't been fixed. Amazon's customer service has another security flaw and it's being exploited to hijack Amazon accounts and snag false replacement orders. And the… » 12/18/12 8:00pm 12/18/12 8:00pm

Best Buy Is Ruining Christmas

Best Buy is completely dropping the ball this holiday season. We're hearing reports that customers who bought items on on Black Friday (yes, nearly a month ago) will not be receiving their orders this year, with some of them even being cancelled right before Christmas. Congratulations Best Buy! You are the… » 12/22/11 11:22am 12/22/11 11:22am

What Happened To Wicked Lasers' Spyder III Pro Arctic Laser?

When we heard about Wicked Lasers' Spyder III Pro Arctic laser, an ultra powerful portable laser with a lightsaberesque design selling for only $200, it almost seemed too good to be true. Turns out it might have been. » 9/02/10 5:42pm 9/02/10 5:42pm

The Nook and Barnes & Noble's Super-Polite, Absolutely Awful Customer…

The Consumerist, as always, is right on top of Barnes & Noble's recent Nook-related failings. Yes, people are still without their Nook, and yes, customer service woes are still running rampant at the fledgling eBook retailer. » 1/24/10 1:00pm 1/24/10 1:00pm