AT&T 3G Network Down In Some Areas, Reports Say

We here at Gizmodo have been getting interesting missives from several readers about how AT&T's 3G network has just plumb broke in several areas, like Boston and Hawaii. Any calls made to an iPhone 3G goes straight to voicemail, but with no notification to the iPhone owner. Switching back to the Edge/2G network will… » 11/20/08 11:31pm 11/20/08 11:31pm

Comcast Support is Watching You Complain On Your Blog RIGHT NOW

When Brandon Dilbeck wrote about how shitty his Comcast service was on his no-traffic Blogspot blog, he didn't think anyone was watching. But this guy was. And when he received an email from Comcast support that directly addressed his specific problem shortly after his post went up, he understandably got a little… » 7/25/08 9:40am 7/25/08 9:40am

Time Warner Cable Support Trouble? Here's the Magic Password

We've had trouble with Time Warner Cable before, and will probably have it again, but next time we'll be armed with this helpful hint from our balls-to-the-wall compadres at The Consumerist. It appears that if you have the magic password, the drones at Time Warner Customer Support will bump you upstairs to the techies… » 8/04/06 10:50am 8/04/06 10:50am