Customizable Analog Clocks Show What Time it is Anywhere

Got a lot of family all over the world? Need to stalk and track every single Giz editor? This customizable analog clock is for you. It shows the time on a 24 hour scale, divided up into night and day, and gives you five hands that point to various time zones throughout the world. This way you can easily label everyone… »7/25/07 6:00pm7/25/07 6:00pm

Snell ICS 1030 Bookshelf Speakers Look Like Books, Other Stuff

Finally, once and for all you can prove to those naysayers that you are actually a smart individual by tricking them into thinking you own some books. The Snell ICS 1030 Bookshelf Speaker is a two-speaker bookshelf speaker that will actually be painted to whatever you want it to look like, in this case, books. The… »4/06/07 3:20pm4/06/07 3:20pm