Iron Man Xbox 360 Mod Powers Your Gaming With Arc Reactor

When you're modding your Xbox you have two options: 1. Bend the Xbox to your idea; or 2. Bend your idea to the Xbox. Adding a whirring arc reactor to your console is the latter at its very best: » 8/23/10 9:20am 8/23/10 9:20am

Sony Finally Achieves the Unholy Grail: A $2,000 Netbook

We're not sure if there's been a lot of clamoring for an crocodile-skin laptop, but Sony's new Vaio Signature Collection looks to fill that void. Even crazier is their customized Vaio P netbook, checking it at a crazy $2,000. » 6/27/09 1:45pm 6/27/09 1:45pm